We aim to generate above average annualised returns over five years with minimum risk

Over the years, The Wine Investment Fund has yielded strong results.

Better still, we select and manage our portfolios in order to reduce risk. For example, we don't buy wines at the en-primeur stage when the price is typically highly volatile.

In addition, our view is that buying fashionable or trophy wines, or wines which are near the end of their optimum drinking period adds volatility. So we avoid these wines.

The sole aim of The Wine Investment Fund is to buy wine that has the potential for achieving a high return and deliver absolute returns. This is why we predominantly choose wines from the finest Bordeaux Châteaux.

We buy stock that is at least 4 years old and has already established a reputation for being a strong vintage. Just as importantly, there is plenty of it, so there is still great potential for an increase in value.

It is an approach that has served our investors extremely well time and time again since we launched in 2003.