Fine returns
from fine wines

The Wine Investment Fund works with institutions, financial intermediaries and private investors worldwide.

Fine wines can make you money*. It is a fact. And we should know because we are the first independent wine investment fund in the market seeking to generate above average returns from a professional investment in wine.

We are called The Wine Investment Fund and we invest in some of the finest wines in the world in order to maximise returns.

All the wine we hold is stored in a UK government bonded warehouse which means there is no duty or VAT to pay. There is no UK capital gains charge, either. And on top of that, since we launched in 2003, our investments have yielded excellent returns for our investors**.

Our success is driven by our core investment philosophy, formulated and developed in house. With decades of experience, our investment managers have all the expertise needed to select exactly the right stock at the right time and price, supporting our decisions with our own proprietary research and analysis, using equity-style modelling of fine wine market data, so that purchases and sales are based on objective criteria.

We acquire only Bordeaux wines. We consider these to be the only true low risk investment grade wines. They alone (unlike wines from other regions of the world) are produced on finite and non expandable parcels of land, have a recorded price history going back decades upon which to base buying and selling decisions and have a liquid secondary market in which to execute such decisions.

We also take full advantage of market characteristics in generating returns for our investors. Once a wine is bottled, the supply of that particular wine tends to fall over time, as the wine is consumed. Meanwhile demand tends to rise as global wealth increases and the wine matures and improves in the bottle.

* Please note that past performance is no guarantee of future performance, that the value of investments may fall as well as rise and that you may not get back the amount originally invested ** Please see 'Performance Figures' for further information.